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Rotayo is an AI-powered platform streamlining credential validation, licensing, and visa processes, reducing the time and costs associated with international hiring.

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Why Choose Rotayo?

AI-Driven Credential Verification

Our advanced AI technology seamlessly verifies candidates' qualifications, ensuring authenticity and credibility. We provide personalized feedback on credentials and profiles to help healthcare professionals optimize their applications.

Automated Licensing and Visa Assistance

Rotayo's AI assistant guides healthcare professionals through the complex process of obtaining licenses, work permits, and visas. We streamline the paperwork and requirements, making international relocation smoother than ever.

Unlocking Global Opportunities

We connect healthcare professionals with exciting career opportunities across borders.

Rotayo's mission is to fully automate and scale international healthcare recruitment, addressing staffing shortages in healthcare systems while unlocking exciting new career opportunities for healthcare professionals. By breaking down barriers to global mobility, we’re building a future where talent knows no borders.

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Rotayo is the platform of choice for recruiters, nursing homes and hospitals looking to address staffing shortages and access a global pool of qualified healthcare professionals.

Expanding Horizons For Healthcare Professionals

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Expanding Horizons For Healthcare Professionals

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